The new CD entitled "Son's of the Empire" is finally here.


Article Written by Jason Daniel Baker

While they were out doing other things Atomic Tomb left a gaping void in the tapestry of Toronto's music scene. They're back kicking it with a new album Sons of the Empire that exemplifies their mastery of crafting heavy metal both on stage and in studio. With their sound Atomic Tomb harkens back to the best of early 1980s metal which is something I just can't get enough of. It is of a classic variety I have always found myself getting into and enjoying.

The lead vocalist - the inimitable character Axel Thumm aka Axel Tomb (Formerly of influential Cambridge,Ontario band The Sickies as well as The Dice, Shock Army and Raw Dog) is the face of a hundred hangovers and the voice of many a bad trip. As a live performer he has that unpredictable edginess coupled with a sense of whimsy. Some of that translates onto the recording but it is still a lot more fun to see live.

Ron Bechard (Edwin, Sin Dealer, Three Days Grace et al) and Tommy Gunn on guitars offer some detailed layering and beautiful solos on dual lead. Long-time member Corrado Bartolo on bass and newly minted arrival Gary Glynn (Ex of Talon, Company Slave, Brushwood and Kickin' Red Rooster) on drums are a solid rhythm section. They groove together fast and heavy with sublime precision.

If there was a Phd in heavy metal each of these guys would have one. The distinguished curriculum vitae of each member makes it more of a symposium than a band. Other musicians learn so much from them they are like a faculty of high learning - avant garde mastercraftsmen of metal. They look and sound destined to grace the pages of the finest metal publlications which still remain. Thus I have submitted them for inclusion in Uber Rock.

Their new showstopper is the tune Great Satan America which expresses far from a jihadist sentiment. It is a kind of a statement of incredulity of what has become of Canada's neighbours to the south. The name of the band that plays it has an added ominous feel when placed in that context.

Death Row Wannabe, and Hatred are two other excellent tracks which, like Great Satan America can be heard on their website. But do noot miss out if you get a chance to see them live. They really put on a great show!